6 Things You Need to Know Before Trading with Hot Forex

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The FOREX world increasingly receives more people who want to invest in the forex market, but also new platforms or brokers are created where you can do any special operation. In case HotForex is your favorite, here are some things you should know:

A Reliable Company

HotForex or also known as HF Markets Ltd is a European company that has won thousands of clients in different parts of the world, regardless of languages, borders and much more.

They have even been the winner of awards on the forex market that are highly prestigious and have become the best according to some recognition, since 7 years ago.

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One of the Best and Most Used

HotForex has become one of the brokers most used by many people to perform any type of FOREX transactions or operations because they try to guarantee the client what they want. That means, they offer many tools, features and even offers that are very attractive for investors and even for anyone who is starting, also is very good.

Currency Exchange

Through this platform, you can also exchange currencies of all kinds, and you can even exchange other things like stocks, energy, metals, gold, cryptocurrencies and much more.

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Mobile Device

Through any mobile operating system or smartphones, you can have this processor as easily and directly as possible, downloaded first Metatrader4; or any other idea that you have been given.


The services offered by this platform are among the best you can find on the internet. First of all, everything will be subject to accounts with important and main banks of different countries. You can also change any currency or metal in more than 20 different markets available.

It also offers Micro, Premium, VIP, Fix, Auto, HFCopy. The only negative thing is that it doesn’t accept clients that are in the United States, for the moment.

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HotForex really offers opportunities for any type of customer, from those who want to make minimal investments to the most important traders or investors. The minimum investment of this broker is $5, another advantage of its number of customers.

You can really take advantage of this form of investment that’s revolutionizing the world, and thus be able to earn more money. Just need to choose the right broker, HotForex is one of the best so you could choose it, and you should know what you’re getting into.

Learn Currency Trading – 7 Tips to Succeed this Career

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Possibly starting in the world of forex isn’t as easy as many think, but it isn’t so complicated. The important thing is to know what you’re getting into and familiarize yourself with this new world that’s different from others invest markets. For that reason here we bring you some tips to succeed this career:

Regulated Broker

First you must choose a broker that’s legally regulated anywhere you want, so that you don’t have any problems in the future when discovering that the broker didn’t have a valid license.

This can be discovered through the internet, looking for references and comments on brokers in particular and thus discover which is the most recommended and safe for you.

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Usually, in the trading world, the most advisable thing is that you have a strategy already established so that you can develop it and carry it out through the operations you do it. But you must be careful and know what you’re doing.

Don’t Invest Much If You’re Not Sure

If you don’t know what the function of the brokers is, what you should do in the trading system and more, it’s best to first learn a little about this world and start investing little by little, because losses are inevitable in this market.

Use of Trading

For the use of trading you must establish a strategy to fulfill so that your investment is positive and generates results. That’s why you must be very aware of trading and so know when to buy or sell.

Pending Trends

You must be very aware of the price trends of the value of currencies, because depending on it’s that you will know if you’re negotiating something that has a real value or not. There are many strategies to combat that, but always keep an eye on the trends so that it doesn’t harm you.

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The economic analysis of the markets are very important, because through it’s that you can know and be aware of the state, value and everything related to the currencies as such and the economy in their respective countries.


The graphics can be very beneficial, you can find them in all the trading platforms, and through it you can find all the information regarding the currency transactions that you can do and thus also know how the flow of currency prices goes.

These tips are some of the most recommended to operate in the forex market. It’s necessary that you take it as a serious job because it depends on your investment being successful.

7 Tips to Choose a Forex Trading System for Profit

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Forex is one of the most used investment markets in the world these days, due to the diverse advantages and benefits that the forex market offers you. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find a really reliable trading system, so here we bring you some tips to choose a forex trading system for profit:


The trading platform is the one that will help you to decipher and interact with the forex market directly, that means everything that has to do with the buy and sell orders, stop loss, statistics, and economic analysis, execute the strategies planned while the operation is in full development, and many other functions.

Use of Proprietary Platforms

A proprietary platform related to the currency market refers to those that are focused on operating with a specific broker. Usually, in trading, these are the most used because they’re fewer ties that you’re going to engage, and focus only on the operation with Forex.

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Importance Of The Software

The software has great importance, for which you must check if it’s compatible with the equipment where you will work constantly with the trading. That means if it’s available for the operating system of your computer as such, if you work with Macbook, it’s available for OS.

Remember To Try It Before

Before finally choosing a particular trading platform, you should try it to know how it works and if it’s the ideal one for you and your work. This doesn’t mean that you should only invest a few hours because it will not be enough. Try for at least 2 days to know how to operate and like that be sure it’s the right one for you.

You Can Go Discarding

Perhaps there’s no such thing as the perfect FOREX platform, but that doesn’t mean it can impede your work. But to find the right one for you, you can go using different platforms to discard what is the most convenient, you can even make comparisons and go choosing which is the most you like until you find the ideal.

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Use of Its Functions

The function that has the platform is the most important, so you must delve into what its functions as such to see if it really fits what you wanted and so you learn a little and discovering any new function that may benefit you.

You Must Master It

Until you fully master the use of the platform and know it perfectly, you cannot begin to operate. And you can protect yourself from any future errors that may harm your investment. Trading has many features, tools and you need to know them perfectly to start using them.

One of the positive things about the massive use of trading systems it’s the currently widely used market and there are a variety of platforms that can adapt to what you want.

The Best 4 Forex Brokers to Use in 2019

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The brokers are authorized entities that are responsible for being intermediaries between buyers and sellers, in this case in the currency market. Through these operations earn commissions. But to carry out any investment you want in a broker, you must first see which one it’s recommended. Here we leave you some of the best forex brokers to use in 2019:


ThinkMarkets is a Forex and CFD broker and the most requested worldwide that has a broad Forex regulation, raw materials, stocks and much more.

But focusing on the world of FOREX, this platform is one of the most used for its advantages such as the use of mobile applications for greater and easier operation; all funds that are deposited with ThinkMarkets are held is fully segregated accounts, separate from the firms operating capital.


Pepperstone is another broker most used worldwide and specialized in CFD brokers. Pepperstone is one of the oldest Forex brokers regulated in Australia under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The services offered are both in English and Spanish, and other languages too, aimed at a large number of countries worldwide and with various financial assets such as stocks, forex or commodities. But especially in the world of trading, it’s one of the most acquired because of its leveraging service.

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IC Markets

IC Markets is similar to ThinkMarkets and Pepperstone, but has a unique difference.  IC Markets is a TrueECN broker that caters to scalpers and traders looking to escape the ESMA leverage restrictions.  Because IC Markets is only regulated in Australia they are not bound by the European leverage restrictions of brokers who are regulated in Europe, including FCA and Cysec regulated brokers.

In addition to offering services in several languages, primarily in English and Spanish, they also have a service available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, excluding Saturday and Sunday. And it has a multitude of the best Forex Trading Platforms to select from including MT4, MT5, and cTrader.


It is one of the forex platforms most used worldwide for the number of good benefits and tools it offers to customers. In addition to having an advantage of having also a mobile application which you can download on your device and have it at your fingertips.

Some of the services offered is that you have at your disposal more than 200 instruments to operate including Forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, raw materials and more. It has a diverse range of trading platforms such as Expert Advisors.

So if you want to trust your money in a broker in particular, these ones are your best options no doubt.

Ava FX’s Platform – What You Need to Know

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AvaTrade is a forex broker and contracts broker originated in Dublin, Ireland. It’s one of the most widely used forex platforms worldwide due to the diversity of options and tools it offers. Here we bring you some of the best things:

The Success

The success of this platform is due to the fact that it has a large number of currency brokers, we speak of more than 1 billion transactions per month, thus increasing the number of transactions that are performed continuously and even exceeding any forecast that’s expected each month.

In addition to being a platform that’s adapted not only for commercial operators who are already at a practically professional level but also for any beginner who wants to start venturing into this type of market.


In Ava Trader, your account will receive a specific classification depending on the investment you make. The minimum is $100 dollars, thus receiving the silver classification; $1,000 gold and Platinum with $10,000.

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One of the most used functions of this forex market is the leverage, which can be very beneficial and multiply in an incredible way the investment made by an operator in particular. The one used in this specific broker is 1: 400.


This broker is one of the most used for the number of functions so advantageous for all customers. It has a full transmission rate, available at any time of the day and it can also be used in a variety of currencies that the person chooses.

It also has the function of graphics so that the operations are easier to execute; another of its advantages is that it has vertical and horizontal lines, trends lines and more, all at the convenience of the operator that starts in the Forex world.

AVAFX Platform

The platform that AVAFX uses is the same MetaTrader 4 uses, which has a totally fluid and solid operation, with diverse information for any type of transactions that you want to do. In addition to having easier accessibility to be able to download your application on your mobile device and be able to operate at a single click of your phone.


One of the biggest features that you can take advantage of this broker is the use of operations that are executed in a single or double click. They also do it economic analyzes of various countries and their currencies especially, totally related also with the economic calendars and like that you can have more information before carrying out any operation.

Ava FX is a platform that many choose daily for these things and really has many others that stand out from any other FOREX broker in particular. In addition, you can do any type of operations in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and even Hindu.