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FX Build is a place that offers various services to be able to operate successfully in the world of FOREX, because we are a broker that will offer guarantees and security for operations, as well as being legally regulated and being one of the most popular worldwide.

Among some of the services we offer, you can find support, help, and transaction unlimited at any time of the day without having to wait for the morning or something.

Also, we are a platform that doesn’t require investment as high as if it’s done by several stock markets, which means that many people refrain from investing, quite the opposite in FOREX, especially in FX Build.

And what we already know as the leverage tool, in FX Build you can also have it up to 400: 1. Being undoubtedly, one of the most acquired forms and used as a way to acquire profits.

If you’re interested in this market and enter the world of trading, you should have various aspects such as the specific choice you are going to make about the currency pairs with which you are going to operate and make the transaction.

One of the recommendations that we make personally, is that the person who is going to make the transaction, choose a currency pair with a high volume of negotiation. Because this means that they have great value because they belong to stable and powerful economies, for example, the use of the dollar, euro, pound sterling and much more.

It’s also necessary that you relate to the calendar of economic events, a good way to familiarize yourself with the indicators worldwide. The schedule is also very important when you want to operate, because of the time difference that exists in different countries. For example, China and the United States have 13 hours apart.

There are several techniques that you should also familiarize yourself with, such as leverage, which you can take advantage of, but you should know how to handle it very well because if you cannot make it, you’re going to have a loss; you can even lose much more than your capital, depending on the operation.

And also, you have a super great advantage that you can have us not only in your computer, you can also acquire through mobile devices and thus have us directly with one click.